Dolores del Río

Dolores del Río (Spaingie pronunciation: [doˈloɾes del ˈrio]; born María de los Dolores Asúnsolo López-Negrete; August 3, 1904[1] – Apryle 11, 1983) wis a Mexican actress. She wis the first major female Laitin cross-ower starn in Hollywood,[2][3][4][5] wi an ootstaundin career in American films in the 1920s an 1930s.

Dolores del Río
Dolores del Río in The Fugitive (1947 film).jpg
Dolores del Río in The Fugitive (1947)
BornMaría de los Dolores Asúnsolo y López-Negrete
3 August 1904(1904-08-03)
Durango Ceety, Durango, Mexico
Dee'd11 Apryle 1983(1983-04-11) (aged 78)
Newport Beach, Californie, U.S.
Cause o daith
Liver disease
Restin place
The Rotunda o Illustrious Persons, Dolores Cemetery, Mexico Ceety, Mexico
Years active1925–1978
  • Jaime Martínez del Río
    (m. 1921; div. 1928)
  • Cedric Gibbons
    (m. 1930; div. 1940)
  • Lewis A. Riley
    (m. 1959; her daith 1983)
Pairtner(s)Orson Welles (1940–1943)
PawrentsJesus Leonardo Asúnsolo Jacques
Antonia López-Negrete
KinRamon Novarro [cuisin] (1899–1968)
Andrea Palma [cuisin] (1903–1987)
SignaturDolores del Río's signature.jpg


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