Destrict o Mitrovica

This airticle is aboot the destrict in Kosovo. For the destrict o the Serbie govrenment, see Kosovska Mitrovica Destrict (Serbie).
Destrict o Mitrovica
Qarku i Mitrovicës
Косовскомитровачки округ
Kosovskomitrovački okrug/region
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Kosovska Mitrovica Destrict athin Kosovo.
Caipital Mitrovica
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Time zone CET, summer CEST

The Destrict o Mitrovica (Albanie: Qarku i Mitrovicës, Serbie: митровачки округ) is ane the seiven Destricts o Kosovo, wi the seat in the ceety o Mitrovica.


It includes the municipalities o:

Ethnic groupsEedit

The municipalities o Mitrovica, Vučitrn an Srbica hae an Albanie majority, whilst the municipalities o Zubin Potok, Zvečan an Leposavić hae an ethnic Serb majority. Serbs form the majority o population in the northren pairt o Kosovska Mitrovica an aw, which is their cultural an poleetical center in Kosovo.

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