Denis Diderot (French: [dəni didʁo]; 5 October 1713 – 31 Julie 1784) wis a French filosofer, airt creetic, an writer. He wis a prominent figur during the Enlichtenment an is best kent for servin as co-foonder, chief eeditor, an contreibutor tae the Encyclopédie alang wi Jean le Rond d'Alembert.

Denis Diderot
Diderot, bi Louis-Michel van Loo, 1767.
Born5 October 1713(1713-10-05)
Langres, Champagne, Fraunce
Dee'd31 Julie 1784(1784-07-31) (aged 70)
Paris, Fraunce
Era18t-century filosofie
RegionWastren filosofie
Main interests
Science, Literature, Filosofie, an Airt [1]

Diderot begoud his eddication bi obteenin a Master o Airts degree in philosofie at a Jesuit college in 1732. He conseedert wirkin in the kirk clergy afore briefly studyin law. Whan he decidit tae acome a writer in 1734, his faither disawned him for nae enterin ane o the leared professions. He leeved a bohemian exeestence for the next decade. He befriendit filosofer Jean-Jacques Rousseau in 1742.

Tho his wark wis braid as weel as rigourous, it did nae bring Diderot riches. He siccart nane o the posts that war occasionally gien tae needy men o letters; he coud nae even obteen the bare offeecial recogneetion o merit that wis implee'd bi bein chuisen a member o the Académie française. He saw na alternative tae sellin his leebrar tae provide a dote for his dochter. Empress Catherine II o Roushie heard o his financial tribbles an commissioned an agent in Paris tae buy the leebrar. She then requestit that the filosofer reteen the beuks in Paris till she required them, an act as her leebrarian wi a yearly sellary.[2] Atween October 1773 an Mairch 1774, the sick Diderot spent a few months at the empress's coort in Saunt Petersburg.[3][4]

Diderot dee'd o pulmonary thrombosis in Paris on 31 Julie 1784, an wis buried in the ceety's Église Saint-Roch. His heirs sent his vast leebrar tae Catherine II, that haed it depositit at the Naitional Leebrar o Roushie. He haes several times been denee'd buirial in the Panthéon wi ither French notables.[5] The French govrenment conseedert memorialisin him in this fashion on the 300t anniversar o his birth,[6] but this did nae come tae pass.

Diderot's leeterar reputation in his lifetime restit primarily on his plays an his contreibutions tae the Encyclopédie; mony o his maist important works, includin Jacques the Fatalist, Rameau's Neffae, Paradox o the Actor, an D'Alembert's Dream, war published anerly efter his daith.[7][8][9]


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