Della Purves

Rodella Anne Purves (6 Julie 1945 – 17 Januar 2008) wis a Scots botanical airtist.[1]

Della Purves
Born6 Julie 1945(1945-07-06)
Paisley, Scotland, Unitit Kinrick
Dee'd17 Januar 2008(2008-01-17) (aged 62)
Edinburgh, Scotland, Unitit Kinrick
NaitionalityBreetish, Scots
EddicationSt Margaret's School, Edinburgh, East of Scotland College
Kent forBotanical Illustration

Purves wis born in 1945 in Paisley, Scotland, an twa year later flittit tae Edinburgh wi her faimily, whaur she went tae St. Margaret's School. She gaint a degree in agricultur frae Edinburgh and East of Scotland College of Agriculture. She traint in Cambridge as a seed tester.[1]

She spent a year in New Zealand, whaur she haed thrift fur the govrenment's Department of Industry, afore returnin tae Edinburgh tae wirk at the Royal Botanic Garden.[2]

Purves quit the Royal Botanic Garden in 1976 tae focus on her thrift as a botanical airtist. Her wark wis shawn athort the warld, in the Unitit States, Ireland, Germany an Japan, wi the Queen's Ryal Botanist descrievin her as ane o Britain's leadin airtists.[2] She wis awairdit the Jill Smythies Award in 1998.[3]

Purves deet on 17 Januar 2008 in Edinburgh, Scotland.[2]


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