Debbie Macomber

Debbie Macomber (born 22 October 1948 in Yakima, Washington) is a best-selling American author of ower 150 romance novels an contemporary weemen's fiction. Ower 170 million copies of her beuks are in prent throughout the warld,[1] an some hae acome made-for-TV-movies.[2] Macomber wis the inaugural winner o the fan-vote Quill Award for romance in 2005[3] an haes been awairdit baith a Romance Writers of America RITA an a lifetime achievement awaird bi the Romance Writers of America.[4]

Debbie Macomber
Debbie Macomber.jpg
Born (1948-10-22) 22 October 1948 (age 74)
Yakima, Washington, U.S.
Period1983 - Present
Genreromance, weemen's fiction


Breaking into PublishingEedit

Awtho Debbie Macomber is dyslexic an haes anerly a heich schuil eddication, she wis determined tae be a writer.[5] A stay-at-hame mither raisin fower smaw childer, Macomber nanetheless foond the time tae sit in her kitchen in front o a rentit teepewriter an wirk on developin her first few manuscripts.[6] For five years she continued tae write despite mony rejections frae publishers, feenally turnin tae freelance magazine wirk tae help her faimily mak ends meet.[5]

Wi money that she savit frae her freelance airticles, Macomber attendit a romance writer's conference, whaur ane o her manuscripts wis selectit tae be publicly critiqued bi an editor frae Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. The editor tore apairt her novel an recommendit that she throw it awa. Undaunted, Macomber scrapit thegither $10 tae mail the same novel, Heartsong, tae Harlequin's rival, Silhouette Beuks. Silhouette bocht the beuk, which became the first romance novel tae be reviewed bi Publishers Weekly.[5]


Awtho Heartsong wis the first o her manuscripts tae sell, Starlight wis the first o her novels tae be publisht. It became #128 o the Silhouette Special Edition category romance line (which is nou awned bi Harlequin).[7] Macomber continued tae write category romances for Silhouette, an later Harlequin. In 1988, Harlequin askit Macomber tae write a series o interconnectit stories, which became kent as the Navy series. Afore lang, she wis sellin "huge" nummers o beuks, uisually 150,000 copies o each o her novels, an she wis releasin twa or three titles per year. Bi 1994, Harlequin launched the Mira Beuks imprint tae help thair category romance authors transition tae the single title mercat, an Macomber began releasin single-title novels. Her first hardcover wis released in 2001.[7]

In 2002, Macomber realisit that she wes haein mair difficulty identifeein wi a 25-year-auld heroine, an that she wantit tae write beuks focusing mair on weemen an thair friendships. Thursdays at Eight wis her first depairtur frae the traditional romance novel an intae contemporar weemen's fiction.[5]

Syne 1986, in maist years Macomber haes released a Christenmas-themit beuk or novella. For several years, thir novels wur pairt o the Angel series, follaein the antics of angels Shirley, Goodness, an Mercy. Macomber, who loves Christenmas, says that she writes Christenmas beuks as well acause "Ivery wumman I ken haes a pictur o the perfect Christenmas in her mind, the same wey we dae romance. Reality rarely lives up tae oor expectations, so the best we can dae is delve intae a fantasy."[8]

In general, Macomber's novels focus on deliverin the message o the story an dae no include detailed descriptive passages. Her heroines tend tae be optimists, an the "stories are resolved in a manner that leaves the reader wi a feelin o howp an happy expectation."[8] Mony o the novels tak place in smaw, landwart toun, wi her Cedar Cove series loosely based on her awn hametoun.[9] Acause o her Christian beliefs, Macomber daes no include owerly explicit sexual details in her beuks, awtho thay dae contain some sensuality.[10]

Ower 170 million copies o her beuks are in prent throuoot the warld.[1] This Matter of Marriage, became a made-for-tv-movie in 1998.[2] In 2009, Hallmark Channel broadcast "Debbie Macomber's Mrs. Miracle," thair tap-watched movie o the year. The next year Hallmark Channel aired "Call Me Mrs. Miracle," based on Debbie's novel o the same name, an it wis the channel's heichest ratit movie o 2010. In 2011, Hallmark Channel premiered "Trading Christmas," based on Debbie's novel "When Christmas Comes" (released in 2004).

Debbie nou writes inspirational nan-fiction an aw. Her seicont ceukbeuk, "Debbie Macomber's Christmas Cookbook," an her seicont childer's beuk, "The Yippy, Yappy Yorkie in the Green Doggy Sweater" (written wi Mary Lou Carney), wis released at the end o 2011. Thare is a Debbie Macomber line o knittin pattern beuks frae Leisure Arts an aw an she awns her awn yarn store, A Good Yarn, in Port Orchard, Washington.

In Julie 2013, the Hallmark Channel began airin its first-iver oreeginal, scriptit series based on her Cedar Cove beuk series. She is the series developer an executive producer an aw.[11]


Macomber is a three-time winner o the B. Dalton Award,[4] an the inaugural winner o the fan-voted Quill Award for romance (2005, for 44 Cranberry Point).[3] She haes been awairdit the Romantic Times Magazine Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award an haes wan a Romance Writers of America RITA Award, the romance novelist's equivalent o a Academy Award, for The Christmas Basket. Her novels hae regularly appeared on the Waldenbooks an USAToday bestseller leets an hae earned spots on the New York Times Bestseller List an aw. On 6 September 2007 she made Harlequin Enterprises history, bi pullin aff the rarest o triple plays—haein her new novel, 74 Seaside Avenue, appear at the #1 poseetion for paperback feection on the New York Times, USAToday an Publishers Weekly bestseller leets. Thir three heichly respectit bestseller leets are considered the bellwethers for a beuk's performance in the United States.[4]


Macomber is a volunteer mentor for young fowk, an is active in fundraisin for battered weemen's shelters an for leeteracy an medical research. She is a naitional buird member for Warm-Up America an aw,[7] an wis appointit an ambassador for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America naitional office in 1997.[4]

Debbie an her husband, Wayne, raised fower childer an hae numerous guidchilder. Thay live in Port Orchard, Washington an winter in Florida. When no writin, she enjoys knittin, travelin wi Wayne an puttin on Grandma Camps for her guidchilder, for whom she haes biggit a fower-starn tree hoose ahint her hame in Port Orchard.

On 11 August 2011, her youngest son, Dale Wayne Macomber, (age 36) wis foond deid near his hoose in Washington State bi his brither Ted an local polis. Haein suffered frae depression for years, Dale Macomber haed threatened suicide an wis declared missin 9 August 2011.


Single NovelsEedit

  • Starlight (1983)
  • Girl Like Janet (1984)
  • Undercover Dreamer (1984)
  • Heartsong (1984)
  • That Wintry Feeling (1984)
  • Thanksgiving Prayer (1984)
  • Gift of Christmas (1984)
  • Borrowed Dreams: Alaska (1985)
  • Love Thy Neighbor (1985)
  • Adam's Image (1985)
  • Promise Me Forever (1985)
  • Laughter in the Rain (1985)
  • The Trouble with Caasi (1985)
  • A Friend or Two (1985)
  • Christmas Masquerade (1985)
  • Let It Snow (1986)
  • The Matchmakers (1986)
  • Reflections of Yesterday (1986)
  • Shadow Chasing (1986)
  • Yesterday's Hero (1986)
  • White Lace and Promises (1986)
  • Jury of His Peers (1986)
  • Yesterday Once More (1986)
  • Friends and Then Some (1986)
  • All Things Considered (1987)
  • Love by Degree (1987)
  • Sugar and Spice (1987)
  • Mail-Order Bride (1987)
  • No Competition (1987)
  • Love 'N' Marriage (1987)
  • Husband Required (1987)
  • Any Sunday (1988)
  • The Playboy and the Widow (1988)
  • Denim and Diamonds (1989)
  • Yours and Mine (1989)
  • Almost an Angel (1989)
  • For All My Tomorrows (1989)
  • The Way to a Man's Heart (1989)
  • Country Bride (1990)
  • Fallen Angel (1990)
  • A Little Bit Country (1990)
  • Rainy Day Kisses (1990)
  • The Courtship of Carol Sommars (1990)
  • First Comes Marriage (1991)
  • Here Comes Trouble (1991)
  • Stolen Kisses (1991)
  • Father's Day (1991)
  • The Forgetful Bride (1991)
  • The Man You'll Marry (1992)
  • My Hero (1992)
  • Lone Star Lovin' (1993)
  • Ready for Romance (1993)
  • Morning Comes Softly, Harper 1993/2006
  • One Night, Harper 1994
  • Family Affair (1994)
  • This Matter of Marriage, MIRA Beuks 1997/2003
  • Three Brides, No Groom ,Silhouette Beuks 1997
  • Montana MIRA Beuks, 1998
  • Can This Be Christmas?, MIRA Beuks 1998
  • Thursdays at Eight, MIRA Beuks 2001
  • Between Friends, MIRA Beuks 2002
  • The Christmas Basket, MIRA Beuks 2002
  • Changing Habits, MIRA Beuks 2003
  • The Snow Bride , MIRA Beuks 2003
  • When Christmas Comes, (Christmas gift edition hardcover) MIRA Beuks November 2004
  • There's Something About Christmas, MIRA Beuks November 2005
  • The Perfect Christmas, MIRA Beuks October 2009

Legendary Lovers SeriesEedit

  1. Cindy and the Prince, Silhouette Beuks 1988
  2. Some Kind of Wonderful, Silhouette Beuks 1988
  3. Almost Paradise, Silhouette Beuks 1988
  • Legendary Lovers, Silhouette Beuks 1995 (Reissue of Cindy an the Prince, Some Kynd of Wonderful & Awmaist Paradise)

Navy SeriesEedit

  1. Navy Wife, Silhouette Beuks 1988/2003
  2. Navy Blues, Silhouette Beuks 1989/2003
  3. Navy Brat, Silhouette Beuks 1991/2004
  4. Navy Woman, Silhouette Beuks 1991/2004
  5. Navy Baby, HQN Beuks 1991/2005
  6. Navy Husband, Silhouette Special Edition 2005
  • Navy Brides (2005) (Omnibus: Navy Wife / Navy Blues / Navy Brat)
  • Navy Grooms (2005) (Omnibus: Navy Woman / Navy Baby / Navy Husband)
  • Navy Wife / Navy Blues (omnibus) (2006)

The Manning Sisters SeriesEedit

  1. The Cowboy’s Lady, Silhouette Special Edition 1990
  2. The Sheriff Takes A Wife, Silhouette Special Edition 1990

Those Manning Men SeriesEedit

  1. Marriage of Inconvenience, Silhouette Special Edition 1992
  2. Stand-In Wife, Silhouette Special Edition 1992
  3. Bride on the Loose, Silhouette Special Edition 1992

Orchard Valley TrilogyEedit

  1. Valerie, Harlequin 1992
  2. Stephanie, Harlequin 1992
  3. Norah, Harlequin 1993
  • Orchard Valley, MIRA Beuks 1999 (Reissue of Valerie, Stephanie, & Norah)

From This Day ForwardEedit

  1. Groom Wanted, Silhouette Special Edition 1993
  2. Bride Wanted, Silhouette Special Edition 1993
  3. Marriage Wanted, Silhouette Special Edition 1993

Angel SeriesEedit

  1. A Season of Angels , Harper/Avon 1993
  2. The Trouble With Angels, Harper/Avon 1994
  3. Touched By Angels, Harper/Avon 1995
  4. Shirley, Goodness and Mercy, MIRA Beuks 1999
  5. Those Christmas Angels, Harlequin SuperRomance 2003
  6. Where Angels Go, Mira Beuks, 2007
  7. Angels at the Table, Ballantine, 2012
  • Christmas Angels, Harper/Avon 1996/1998 (Reissue of Touched bi Angels, The Trouble Wi Angels & A Saison of Angels)
  • A Gift to Last, MIRA Beuks 2002 (Reissue of Can This Be Christmas? & Shirley, Goodness, an Mercy)
  • Angels Everywhere, Harper/Avon 2002 (Reissue of A Saison of Angels & Touched Bi Angels)
  • Angels At Christmas, MIRA Beuks 2009 (Reissue of Those Christmas Angels & Whaur Angels Go)

That Special Woman Series Multi-AuthorEedit

  • Hasty Wedding (1993)
  • Same Time, Next Year (1995)

Midnight Sons SeriesEedit

  1. Brides For Brothers, Harlequin Romance 1995
  2. Marriage Risk, Harlequin Romance 1995
  3. Daddy's Little Helper, Harlequin Romance 1995
  4. Because of the Baby, Harlequin Romance 1996
  5. Falling For Him, Harlequin Romance 1996
  6. Ending In Marriage, Harlequin Romance 1996
  7. Mail Order Marriages, Harlequin Romance 2000
  8. Family Men, Harlequin Romance 2000
  9. The Last Two Bachelors, Harlequin Romance 2000
  10. Born In A Small Town, Harlequin SuperRomance 2000
  • Family Men (2000) (Omnibus: Daddy's Little Helper / Because o the Baby)
  • The Last Two Bachelors (2000) (Omnibus: Fawin for Him / Endin in Marriage)
  • Mail-Order Marriages (2000) (Omnibus: Brides for Brothers / Marriage Risk)

Deliverance Company SeriesEedit

  1. Someday Soon, Harper/Avon 1995
  2. Sooner or Later, Harper/Avon 1996
  3. Moon Over Water, MIRA Beuks 1999/2003

Heart of Texas SeriesEedit

  1. Lonesome Cowboy, Harlequin Romance 1998
  2. Texas Two-Step, Harlequin Romance 1998
  3. Caroline's Child, Harlequin Romance 1998
  4. Dr. Texas, Harlequin Romance 1998
  5. Nell's Cowboy, Harlequin Romance 1998
  6. Lone Star Baby, Harlequin Romance 1998
  7. Promise, Texas, MIRA Beuks 1999
  8. Return to Promise, MIRA Beuks 2000
  • Heart of Texas Vol. 1: Lonesome Cowboy/Texas Two-Step (2007)
  • Heart of Texas Vol. 2: Caroline's Child / Dr. Texas (2007)
  • Heart of Texas Vol. 3: Nell's Cowboy/ Lone Star Baby (2008)

Dakota SeriesEedit

  1. Dakota Born, MIRA Beuks 2000
  2. Dakota Home, MIRA Beuks 2000
  3. Always Dakota, MIRA Beuks 2001
  4. Buffalo Valley, MIRA Beuks 2001

Cedar Cove SeriesEedit

  1. 16 Lighthouse Road, MIRA Beuks 2001
  2. 204 Rosewood Lane, MIRA Beuks 2002
  3. 311 Pelican Court, MIRA Beuks 2003
  4. 44 Cranberry Point, MIRA Beuks 2004
  5. 50 Harbor Street, MIRA Beuks 2005
  6. 6 Rainier Drive, MIRA Beuks 2006
  7. 74 Seaside Avenue, MIRA Beuks 2007
  8. 8 Sandpiper Way, MIRA Beuks 2008
  9. 92 Pacific Boulevard (MIRA Beuks, September 2009)
  10. 1022 Evergreen Place Faw 2010
  11. 1105 Yakima Street MIRA Beuks 2011
  12. 1225 Christmas Tree Lane MIRA Beuks 2011
  • A Cedar Cove Christmas MIRA Beuks October 2008
  • "Christmas in Cedar Cove" MIRA Beuks 2010 (Omnibus: 5-B Poppy Lane, 2006 an A Cedar Cove Christmas, 2008)

The Blossom Street SeriesEedit

  1. The Shop on Blossom Street, MIRA Beuks 2004/2005
  2. A Good Yarn, MIRA Beuks 2005/2006
  3. Susannah's Garden, MIRA Beuks Mey 2006
  4. Christmas Letters, Mira Beuks October 2006
  5. Back on Blossom Street, MIRA Beuks 2007
  6. Twenty Wishes, MIRA Beuks 2008
  7. Summer on Blossom Street, Mey 2009
  8. Hannah's List, Apryle 2010
  9. A Turn in the Road, Apryle 2011
  10. Starting Now, 2 Apryle 2013

Rose Harbor SeriesEedit

  1. The Inn At Rose Harbor, 2012
  2. Rose Harbor in Bloom, 13 August 2013


  • Christmas Treasures '86, Silhouette 1986
  • Christmas Treasures '91 Silhouette 1991
  • To Mother With Love, Silhouette 1993
  • Men in Uniform By Request, 1994
  • Three Mothers and a Cradle, Silhouette 1995
  • Christmas Angels: 3 Heavenly Romances 1996
  • Mothers & Daughters, Signet 1998
  • ’Tis the Season, “Christmas Masquerade” @ Silhouette 1999
  • Ready for Luve, “Ready for Marriage,”, “Ready for Romance”♦ MIRA Books 2001
  • Tak 5, “Yesterday Once More,” “Adam's Image” ♦ Harlequin 2001
  • An Ideal Marriage?, “Father’s Day,”, “First Comes Marriage,” “Here Comes Trouble” ♦ Harlequin 2001
  • Silhouette Christmas Collection, Midnight Clear, “Let It Snow” Silhouette 2001
  • Darling Daughters, "Yours and Mine," "Lone Star Lovin'" Harlequin Books 2002
  • Christmas Anthology, “A Gift To Last,” "Can This Be Christmas?," “Shirley, Goodness & Mercy” ♦ MIRA Books 2002
  • On A Snowy Night, "The Snow Bride" & "The Christmas Basket" MIRA Books November 2004
  • Home for the Holidays–Mair Than Words–Volume 2, “What Amanda Wants” Harlequin Books October 2005
  • Home for the Holidays, “When Christmas Comes” & “The Forgetful Bride” MIRA Books November 2005
  • Someday Suin & Sooner or Later, Avon Books June 2006
  • Glad Tidings, “There’s Something About Christmas" & “Here Comes Trouble” MIRA Books November 2006
  • Ready for Luve, “Ready for Romance” & “Ready for Marriage” MIRA Books December 2006
  • Be My Valentine, “My Funny Valentine," “My Hero” MIRA Books January 2007

Anthologies In CollaborationEedit

Nan fictionEedit

  • Knit Alang wi Debbie Macomber (2005)
  • Knit Thegither (2007)
  • Debbie Macomber's Ceder Cove Cookbook (2009)
  • Ane Semple Act: Discovering the Power of Generosity (2009)
  • Debbie Macomber's Christmas Cookbook (2011)


  • The Christmas Basket: 2003 Rita Awairds Best Novel winner


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