Deanna Milligan

Deanna Milligan (born 1972 in Vancouver) is a Canadian actress. She haes appeared in numerous Canadian an U.S. films an telly shows. She haed a major role playin Dave Thomas' dochter in the The Beachcombers made for TV movies: The New Beachcombers an A Beachcombers Christmas. She wis the meestery wumman in the Canadian independent short film Shoes Off!. She costarred in the A&E TV movie Karoll's Christmas playin the girlfriend tae Tom Everett Scott an aw. Milligan played the assistant tae Santa Claus in the film Must Be Santa an aw.

Deanna Milligan
Vancouver, Breetish Columbie, Canadae
Hauf-marrae(s)Jason Gaffney

She wis a regular on twa short livit telly shows: Northwood, whaur she played the troubled teen Jennifer, an Big Sound, whaur she played the bubbly assistant Jesse Polt tae Greg Evigan. She haes guest starred on shows such as The X-Files, Chris Carter's Millennium, Danger Bay, Neon Rider, 21 Jump Street, The Outer Limits, Sliders, Highlander: The Series, Da Vinci's Inquest, an Corner Gas.

She is marriet tae actor Jason Gaffney an haes twa dochters. She currently runs a clothin line, Cherry Blossom, wi actress Stacy Grant.

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