The dachshund (UK /ˈdæksənd/ or US /ˈdɑːkshʊnt/ DAHKS-huunt or US /ˈdɑːksənt/;[2]) is a short-legged, lang-bodied dug breed belangin tae the hoond faimily.

A reid, smuith, staundart-sized dachshund
Bruid size 4–8
Life span 12.7 years average[1]
Clessification / staundarts
FCI Group 4, Section 1 #148 staundart
AKC Hoond staundart
ANKC Group 4 – (Hoonds) [miniature wire-haired staundart]
CKC Hoonds
NZKC [long-haired[deid airtin]
smooth-haired[deid airtin]
wire-haired[deid airtin]
miniature long-haired[deid airtin]
miniature smooth-haired[deid airtin]
miniature wire-haired[deid airtin] staundart]
UKC Scenthound Breeds staundart
Domestic dug (Canis lupus familiaris)


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