Craven Cottage is the fitbaw stadium locatit in Fulham, Lunnon. It haes been the hame grund o Fulham F.C. syne 1896.[1] The grund's current capacity is 25,700,[1] aw-seatit, tho the record attendance is 49,335, for a gemme against Millwall Dockers, 8 October 1938.[5] Locatit next tae Bishop's Park on the banks o the River Thames,[6][7] Craven Cottage wis oreeginally a ryal huntin lodge an haes history datin back ower 300 years.[8]

Craven Cottage
The Cottage, Fortress Fulham
LocationFulham, Lunnon, SW6 6HH
Coordinates51°28′30″N 0°13′18″W / 51.47500°N 0.22167°W / 51.47500; -0.22167Coordinates: 51°28′30″N 0°13′18″W / 51.47500°N 0.22167°W / 51.47500; -0.22167
AwnerFulham F.C.
OperatorFulham F.C.
Capacity25,700[1][2] (increasing to 30,000)[1]
SurfaceGrass (Fibrelastic)
Appent1896 (as a stadium)
AirchitectArchibald Leitch[3]
Fulham F.C. (1896–2002, 2004–present)
Fulham L.F.C. (2000–2003)
Fulham Rugby League Club (RFL Championship) (1980–1984)

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