French territorial collectivity an island in the Mediterrane Sea

Corsicae (Corsican: Corsica, [ˈkorsiɡa]; also Italian: [ˈkɔrsika]; French: Corse, [kɔʁs]) is an island in the Mediterrane Sea. It is locatit wast o Italy, sootheast o the French mainland, an north o the island o Sardinie.


Corse (FR)
Corsica (CO/IT)
Banner o Corsicae
Kintra Fraunce
 • PresesPaul Giacobbi (PRG)
 • Total8680 km2 (3,350 sq mi)
 (1 Januar 2008)
 • Total302,000
 • Density35/km2 (90/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
GDP (2006)[1]Rankit {{{GDP_rank}}}
Tot€7 billion (US${{{GDP_US$}}} bn)
Per capita€20,300 (US${{{GDP_per_capita_US$}}})
NUTS RegionFR8

Corsicae is ane o the 27 regions o Fraunce, although strictly speakin Corsicae is designatit as a "territorial collectivity" (collectivité territoriale) bi law. As a territorial collectivity, it enjoys greater pouers nor ither French régions, but for the maist pairt its status is quite similar. Corsicae is referred tae as a "région" in common speech, an is amaist aaways leetit amang the ither régions o Fraunce. Although the island is separatit frae the continental mainland bi the Ligurian Sea an is closer tae Italy nor tae the French mainland, politically Corsicae is pairt o Metropolitan Fraunce. It wis ance briefly an unthrilt Corsican Republic, till bein incorporatit intae Fraunce in 1769. Its cultur haes French an Italian elements blendit intae it.

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  1. "GDP per inhabitant in 2006 ranged from 25% of the EU27 average in Nord-Est in Romania to 336% in Inner London" (PDF). Eurostat.

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Coordinates: 42°9′N 9°5′E / 42.150°N 9.083°E / 42.150; 9.083