The Coppa Italia (Italian for Italy Cup, offeecially kent as TIM Cup acause o its sponsorship) is an Italian fitbaw annual cup competeetion. Its first edeetion wis held in 1922, but the seicont champions war nae crouned till 1936. Juventus leads the way wi eleiven wins, follaed bi Roma wi nine. Roma haes contestit mair finals, 17, while Juventus follae wi 16. The haulder can wear a "tricolore" cockade (Italian: coccarda), lik the roondels that appear on militar aircraft, an qualifies for a UEFA Europa League spot for the next saison.

Coppa Italia
Nummer o teams78
Current championsJuventus (11t teetle)
Maist successfu club(s)Juventus (11 teetles)
WabsteidOfficial Coppa Italia steid
2016–17 Coppa Italia

Winners bi year eedit

Coppa Italia