A.S. Roma

Associazione Sportiva Roma (BITASR, LSE0DMN), commonly referred tae as simply Roma, is a profeesional Italian fitbaw club based in Roum. Foondit bi a merger arrangit bi the Fascist regime in 1927, Roma hae pairticipatit in the top-tier o Italian fitbaw for aw o their existence cep for 1951–52.

AS Roma's logo from 2017.png
Full nameAssociazione Sportiva Roma SpA
Nickname(s)i Giallorossi (The Yellae-Reids)
La Maggica (The Magic Ane)
i Lupi (The Woufs)
Foondit22 Julie 1927; 95 years ago (1927-07-22)
(by Italo Foschi)
GroundStadio Olimpico
Rome, Italy
Ground Capacity70,634
PresesJames Pallotta
Heid coachLuciano Spalletti
LeagueSerie A
2018–19Serie A, 6t
WabsteidClub wabsteid
Current saison

Roma haes wan Serie A three times, first in 1941–42 then in 1982–83 an again in 2000–01, as weel as winnin nine Coppa Italia titles an twa Supercoppa Italiana titles. On the European stage Roma wan an Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1960–61, comin close tae European Cup victory in 1983–84, an feenishin as runners-up in the UEFA Cup for 1990–91 (twa-leggit aggregate defeat agin Internazionale).


Naitional titlesEedit

Serie A

Coppa Italia

A mural o Francesco Totti paintit efter Roma's 2000–01 Serie A title victory, their third in tot

Supercoppa Italiana

Serie B

Internaitional titlesEedit

European Cup


Inter-Cities Fairs Cup

Anglo-Italian Cup

Ither titlesEedit

MLS All-Star Game


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