Conservative Pairty (UK) leadership election, 2016

The 2016 Conservative Pairty leadership election, wis completit bi 11 Julie 2016, wi Theresa May winnin. It wis expectit efter David Cameron, the current leader an Prime Meenister o the Unitit Kinrick, annoonced he would step doun bi October 2016 follaein the Leave result in the UK's referendum on EU membership.[5]

Conservative Pairty (UK) leadership election

← 2005 29 Juin 2016 – 11 Julie 2016 (2016-07-11)[1]
  Theresa May (2015) (cropped).jpg Andrea Leadsom 2016.jpg Michael Gove
Candidate Theresa May Andrea Leadsom Michael Gove
Popular vote Unopponed Widrew Eliminatit
Seicont ballot 199, 60.5%[2] 84, 25.5%[2] 46, 14.0%[2]
First ballot 165, 50.2%[3] 66, 20.1%[3] 48, 14.6%[3]

  Stephen Crabb Liam Fox
Candidate Stephen Crabb Liam Fox
Seicont ballot Widrew[4] Eliminatit
First ballot 34, 10.3%[3] 16, 4.9%[3]

Leader afore election

David Cameron

Leader efter election

Theresa May


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