Cobija is ceety in Bolivie locatit aboot 600 km (373 mi.) north o La Paz in the Amazon Basin on the border o Brazil an Peru. Cobija lees on banks o the Rio Acre athort frae the Brazilian ceety Brasiléia. Cobija lies at an elevation o ca. 280 m (920 ft.) abuin sea level an haes a tropical an rainy climate.

Caipital ceety
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Coordinates: 11°02′S 68°44′W / 11.033°S 68.733°W / -11.033; -68.733
KintraFlag of Bolivia.svg Bolivie
DepairtmentFlag of Pando.svg Pando Depairtment
ProvinceNicolás Suárez
 • MayorLuís Adolfo Flores Roberts
280 m (919 ft)
 • Total25,000 (est)
Time zoneUTC-4

Cobija haes approximately 25,000 inhabitants, is the seat o a university an caipital o the Pando Depairtment. Cobija haes twa airports an is connectit bi ane road tae El Choro in Beni, which is no aaways passable durin the rainy saison. When the rain allous it, Cobija is connectit tae the rest o Bolivie via road an aw. Cobija is connectit tae Brazil bi twa brige, an access tae the Paceefic is currently unner construction.