Coordinates: 55°51′45″N 4°01′36″W / 55.8625°N 4.0266°W / 55.8625; -4.0266

Coatbrig or Cotbrig (Inglis: Coatbridge, Scots Gaelic: Drochaid a' Chòta) is a toun in North Lanrikshire, Scotland, aboot ten mile eist o Glesga. The first fowk abidit in the aurie durin the Stane Eild. The-day's toun wis foondit in the twelft centurie whan a chairter wis grantit til the Monks o Newbattle Abbey bi King Malcolm IV. The industrial revolution eikit the toun, an in parteicular wi the het blast steil makin process. Coatbrig wis a weichtie steid for airn wirks an coal winnin durin the 19t yeirhunder an haes bin beskrived in Inglis as "the industrial heartland of Scotland"[1] an the "Iron Burgh".

Saunt Patrick's, the auldest Catholic kirk in Coatbrig

Bi the 1920s, coal seams wis aw uist-up an the airn industrie in Coatbrig wis dwynin. Eftir the Gret Depression, Gartsherrie wis the last airn wirks in the toun. Ane buik says that in Coatbrig the-nou, "coal, iron and steel have all been consigned to the heritage scrap heap".[2] Coatbrig the-day is aye a wirkin-cless toun an haes a mukkil nummer o fowk o Irish strynd.[3]


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