Christian Bach (born Adela Christian Bach on 9 Mey 1959) is an Argentine-born Mexican actress an producer o telenovelas. She is marriet tae Mexican actor Humberto Zurita wi whom she haes twa sons Sebastián an Emiliano.

Christian Bach
BornAdela Christian Bach
(1959-05-09) 9 Mey 1959 (age 64)
Buenos Aires, Argentinae
Hauf-marrae(s)Humberto Zurita (1986–present)

Biografie eedit

Efter graduatin wi a degree in law Christian Bach muivit tae Mexico tae become an actress. She stairtit wirkin in plays an in films, whaur her voice wis aften dubbit tae conceal her Argentine accent. She obtained a sma role in the warldwide hit telenovela Los ricos también lloran in 1979 an fower years later a starrin role in the successful Bodas de odio. In 1986 she co-starred wi Humberto Zurita in De pura sangre an in the same year they got marriet. Ten years later an efter a string o successful productions wi Televisa the Zurita-Bach couple decidit tae form their awn production company Zuba producciones an tae muive tae nascent netwirk TV Azteca. Twa years later they producit twa telenovelas for the station, La chacala an Azul Tequila, a successful production that launched the career o Bárbara Mori an Mauricio Ochmann.

In the 1980s she recordit an album as a solo sangster, but the album lackit success an interest frae the public.

She haes been the image an spokesperson o the Mexican ceramic tile empire Interceramic for ower 22 years. Her commercials are famous in Mexico an hae made her likeness a hoosehauld item.

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Wi TV Azteca

Wi Televisa an Tv Telemundo

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Wi Venevision

Wi TV Azteca

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  • Videoteatros: Véngan corriendo que les tengo un muerto (1993, producer)

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