Choctaw leid

The Choctaw leid, tradeetionally spoken bi the Hamespun American Choctaw fowk o the sootheastren Unitit States, is a member o the Muskogean faimily. Altho Chickasaw is sometimes leetit as a dialect o Choctaw, mair extensive documentation o Chickasaw haes shawn that Choctaw an Chickasaw are best treatit as separate but closely relatit leids.[2]

Native taeUnitit States
RegionSootheastren Oklahoma
an east central Mississippi,
an intae Louisiana an Tennessee
Native speakers
10,400 (2010 census)[1]
Leid codes
ISO 639-2cho
ISO 639-3cho
Choctaw USC2000 PHS.svg
Choctaw leid spread in the Unitit States.
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