Chen-Ning Franklin Yang, kent as Yang Zhenning (simplifeed Cheenese: 杨振宁; traditeeonal Cheenese: 楊振寧; pinyin: Yáng Zhènníng an aw; born October 1,[1] 1922), is a Cheenese physicist wha wirks on stateestical mechanics an pairticle physics. He an Tsung-dao Lee received the 1957 Nobel Prize in Physics[2] for thair wirk on parity nonconservation o waik interaction.

Chen-Ning Franklin Yang
Yang in 2005
Born (1922-10-01) 1 October 1922 (age 101)[1]
Hefei, Anhui Province, Cheenae
NaitionalityFowkrepublic o Cheenae[a]
Alma materNaitional Soothwastren Associatit Varsity
Tsinghua Varsity
Varsity o Chicago
Kent forLandau–Yang theorem
Parity violation
Yang–Mills theory
Yang–Baxter equation
Byers-Yang theorem
Hauf-marrae(s)Chih-Li Tu (1950–2003)
Fan Weng (2004–present)
AwairdsNobel Prize in Physics (1957)
Rumford Prize (1980)
Naitional Medal o Science (1986)
Benjamin Franklin Medal (1993)
Albert Einstein Medal (1995)
Bogolyubov Prize (1996)
Lars Onsager Prize (1999)
Scientific career
FieldsStateestical mechanics
Pairticle physics
InstitutionsStony Brook Varsity
Institute for Advanced Study
Cheenese Varsity o Hong Kong
Tsinghua Varsity
Varsity o Chicago
Doctoral advisorEdward Teller
Other academic advisorsEnrico Fermi
Doctoral studentsBill Sutherland
Alexander Wu Chao (趙午)
C. K. Lai (黎振球)
Ed Yen (閻愛德)
Ben Fan
Chen-Ning Yang
Traditional Chinese楊振寧
Simplified Chinese杨振宁


  1. Yang wis naituralised ceetizen o the Unitit States frae 1964 tae 2015, when he gae up U.S. ceetizenship tae acome, again, a ceetizen o Cheenae


  1. a b Bing-An Li, Yuefan Deng. "Biography of C.N. Yang" (PDF). Retrieved 11 September 2007. His birth date was erroneously recorded as September 22, 1922 in his 1945 passport. He has since used this incorrect date on all subsequent official documents.
  2. "The Nobel Prize in Physics 1957". The Nobel Foundation. Retrieved 1 November 2014.