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Cebuano edeetion o Wikipaedia

The Cebuano Wikipaedia (Cebuano: Wikipedya sa Sinugboanon) is the Cebuano-leid edeetion o Wikipaedia. It currently conteens 5,337,117 airticles, maist o which wur creatit bi the automatit program Lsjbot. As o Januar 2016, Cebuano Wikipaedia is the third-lairgest leid edeetion o Wikipaedia, ahint Inglis an Swadish an aheid o German.[1] Housomeivver, thare are anerly 193 active uisers.

Cebuano Wikipaedia
Teep o steid
Internet encyclopedia project
Available inCebuano
HeidquartersMiami, Florida
AwnerWikimedia Foundation
LaunchedJuin 22, 2005; 15 years ago (2005-06-22)


The Cebuano Wikipaedia, Ang Gawasnong Ensiklopedya, wis proponit bi Bentong Isles[2] in early 2005 and was started on June 22, 2005.[3]

As o Februar 2013, it wis the lairgest Philippine-leid Wikipaedia based on nummer o airticles, lairger than the Waray an Tagalog Wikipaedias.

On Julie 2014, the Cebuano Wikipaedia reached 1 million airticles.[4]

As o September 25, 2020, it haes 5,337,117 airticles.[5]


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