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The Swadish Wikipaedia (svenskspråkiga Wikipedia) is the Swadish leid edeetion o Wikipaedia. It wis the third edeetion o Wikipedia, stairtit in Mey 2001 alangside German Wikipaedia, efter Inglis Wikipaedia an Catalan Wikipaedia. It is the aicht-lairgest Wikipaedia bi airticle-coont, reachin ower 1,000,000 airticles on 15 Juin 2013.

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The Main Page o the Swadish Wikipaedia on 2 Mey 2008.
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Swadish Wikipaedia daes nae allae fair uise picturs an the local upload haes been disabled – aw picturs an media are frae Wikimedie Commons.

The admeenistrators are electit for a period o ane year an hae tae be reelectit efter that time.