Castellanza is a toun an comune located in the province o Varese, alang the boondar o the province o Milan, in the Lombardy region o northren Italy.

Comune di Castellanza
Coat of airms o Castellanza
Coat airms
Castellanza is located in Italy
Location o Castellanza in Italy
Coordinates: 45°37′N 08°54′E / 45.617°N 8.900°E / 45.617; 8.900
ProvinceVarese (VA)
FrazioniCastegnate, Buon Gesù
 • MayorFabrizio Farisoglio (since 29 May 2006)
 • Total6 km2 (2 sq mi)
 (31 December 2004)
 • Total14,659
 • Density2,400/km2 (6,300/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Diallin code0331
Patron sauntSan Giulio
Saunt day31 January
WebsiteOffeecial wabsteid

Owerview eedit

The toponym refers tae the castellanze (plural form, singular castellanza), defensive territorial unities who rose aroond castels an ither strangpoints in the then coonty o Seprio. The Olona river divides Castellanza in the twa main burghs o Castellanza proper and Castegnate. The toun is renouned for its recently establisht private Varsity Carlo Cattaneo (kent as LIUC an aw).

The toun haes a population o approximately 15,000 inhabitants an syne the late 19t century haes been ane o the main industrial centres in the province o Varese. Wi the bonnie backdrop o the Alps an the famous Italian lochs Lago Maggiore an Lago di Como, the province o Varese is hame tae 23,000 manufacturin an craft industries an aw that export ower 30% o their production warldwide an generate employment tae approximately 175 thoosan fowk.

Castellanza receivit the honorar title o ceety wi a presidential decree on 4 Januar 1974.