Brig o Dee (clachan)

Brig o Dee is a clachan on the River Dee in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. It lies on the A75 road juist wast o Castle Douglas, an north-east o Kirkcoubrie.

Brig o Dee Station

The umwhile Kirkcoubrie Railwey, linkin Kirkcoubrie wi Castle Douglas, passt throu the clachan. The station appent in 1864 bi the Glasgow and South Western Railway. Til the sooth wis the guidsyaird an til the north wis the signal box, that appent in 1882. The box wis closed in 1925 an it wis replace't by a grund frame. The station wis closed tae baith passengers an guids traffeck in 1949.[1] The railwey line itsel wis closed in 1965.[2] The station is noo a hoose.[3]

Namely fowk



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Coordinates: 54°55′07″N 3°58′42″W / 54.918674°N 3.978377°W / 54.918674; -3.978377