Breetish Sign Leid

Breetish Sign Leid (BSL) is the sign leid uissed in the Unitit Kinrick (UK). It is the wale o the maist feck o deif fowk in the UK; there are 125,000[1] deif adults in the UK wha mak uiss o BSL an 20,000 bairns forby. In 2011, 15,000 fowk wha bide in England and Wales ansuered tae the census as uissin BSL as thair main leid.[2] The leid maks uiss o tuim space an the muivement o the hauns, bouk, fizog an heid. Monie mae fowk wha arna deif mak uiss o BSL forby; as the kyth o deif fowk wha wiss yet tae taak til thaim, as sign leid interpreters or owersetters, or as the affcome o ither siclyk contack wi the Breetish deif community.

The BSL Fingerspelling Alphabet.

References eedit

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