Brčko is a toun in northren Bosnie an Herzegovinae, admeenistrative seat o the Brčko Destrict. It lees on the kintra's border alang the Sava river athort frae Gunja, Croatie. Its name is vera likely linkit tae the Breuci, an Illyrie tribe inhabitin the aurie in antiquity (see it:Breuci).


Brčko is located in Bosnie an Herzegovinae
Location athin Bosnie an Herzegovinae
Coordinates: 44°52′N 18°49′E / 44.87°N 18.81°E / 44.87; 18.81
Kintra Bosnie an Herzegovinae
DestrictBrčko Destrict
 • MayorMiroslav Gavrić (SNSD)
 • Preses o the Destrict AssemblyEsad Atić (SDP)
 • Internaitional Supervisor (Suspendit)Roderick W. Moore
 • Total41,000
Area code(s)76100


Brčko District and Brčko town

Brčko is the seat o the Brčko Destrict, an unthirlt unit o local sel-govrenment creatit on the territory o Republika Srpska an Federation o Bosnie an Herzegovinae follaein an arbitration process; the process is viewed bi some as a violation o the Dayton Peace Accords acause it creatit the destrict while it coud anerlie arbitrate the disputit portion o the Inter-Entity Bundary Line, kent as the Zone o Separation (ZOS) an aw. The local administration was umwhile supervisit bi an internaitional supervisory regime heidit bi Principal Deputy Heich Representative who is ex officio the Brcko Internaitional Supervisor an aw. This internaitional supervision wis freezit syne 23 Mey 2012.[2]



Brčko wis a geografic point o contention in 1996 when the U.S.-led Implementation Forces (IFOR) built Camp McGovern on the ootskirts o the ceety. Camp McGovern wis built in the ZOS for the purpose o establishin peacekeepin operations, specifically atween Bosniaks in Gornji Rahić near Brka an Serbs in Brčko.

The initial US Airmy unit tae deploy intae Brčko wis Task Force 3-5 CAV, a Task Force composit o individual units o the 1st Armoured Diveesion. The commander o Task Force 3-5 wis LTC Anthony Cucolo. The Task Force heidquarters wis locatit at Camp McGovern.

Although Brčko wis a focal point for tension in the late 1990s, considerable progress in multi-ethnic integration in Brčko haes syne occurred includin integration o seicontary schuilin. Reconstruction efforts an the Property Law Implementation Plan hae impruivit the situation regardin property an return.

Brčko remains an important component o the Dayton Peace Accords, efter the Brčko Arbitration ruled in Mey 1997 that Brčko wad be a special destrict ootside the jurisdiction o the Federation o Bosnie an Herzegovinae an Republika Srpska, the twa entities that comprise Bosnie an Herzegovinae.

The first internaitional organisation tae open offices in Brčko wis the Organization for Security an Cooperation In Europe (OSCE).

Follaein PIC meetin on 23 Mey 2012, it wis decidit tae suspend, no terminate, the mandate o Brcko Internaitional Supervisor. Brcko Arbitral Tribunal, thegither wi the suspendit Brcko Superveesion, will still continue tae exist.[2]



Accordin tae 1991 census Brčko haed 41,406 inhabitants, includin:

Syne 1991, thare haes been nae offeecial census conductit.


Station o Brčko

A railway station is near the ceety centre wi connections tae Vinkovci an Tuzla. Even so, anerlie 1 train crosses the border daily.



Brčko haes three fitbaa clubs (FK Jedinstvo, FK Lokomotiva an the youngest club FK Ilicka 01 ). They aw play in seicont league o Republic o Srpska.



Brčko haes the lairgest port in Bosnie, on the Sava river. It is hame tae an economics faculty an tae a rather important theater festival an aw;

Famous residents


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