A boat is a wattercraft o ony size designed tae float or plane, tae wirk or travel on watter.[1] For smaa boats, this is typically inland (lochs) or in protecit coastal areas. Houaniver, boats sicklik the whaulboat wur designed tae be operatit frae a ship in an affshore environment. In naval terms, a boat is a vessel smaa eneuch tae be carried aboard anither vessel (a ship). Anither less restrictive defineetion is a vessel that can be liftit oot o the watter. Some defineetions dinna mak a distinction in size, as 1000-fit bulk freichters on the Great Lochs are cried oreboats.

At 17 metres lang, the Severn-class lifeboats are the lairgest class o UK lifeboat.

Boats come in sindry shapes, sizes an construction due tae intendit purpose, available materials an local tradeetions. Canoe type boats hae a lang history an various versions are uised oothrou the warld for transportation, fishin or sport.[2] Fishin boats vary widely in style in pairt tae match local condeetions. Pleasur boats represent a less practical approach, includin ski boats, pontoon boats, sailboats. Hoose boats mey be a vacation or provide lang-term hoosin. Smaa boats provide transport or flicht cargo (lichterin) frae mair muckle ships. Lifeboats are an important safety meisur.




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