Black Tortoise

The Black Tortoise is ane o the Fower Seembols o the Cheenese constellations. It is whiles cried the Black Warrior o the North (北方玄武, Běi Fāng Xuán Wǔ), an is kent as Xuanwu in Cheenese, Genbu in Japanese, Hyeonmu in Korean an Huyền Vũ in Vietnamese. It represents the north an the winter saison. Awtho its name in Cheenese, Xuánwǔ, is aften translatit as Black Tortoise in Scots, it is uisually depictit as baith a tortoise an a snake, specifically wi the snake coilin aroond the tortoise.

Black Tortoise
Xuán Wǔ sculptur on the eaves tile
Chinese name
Leeteral meanin玄, black or abstruse;
武, martialism
Vietnamese name
Vietnamese alphabetHuyền Vũ
Korean name
Japanese name

The Seiven Mansions o the Black TortoiseEedit

As the ither three Seembols, thare are seiven "mansions," or poseetions, o the muin athin Black Tortoise. The names an determinative starns are:[1][2]

Mansion no. Name (pinyin) Translation Determinative starn
8 斗 (Dǒu) (Soothren) Dipper φ Sgr
9 牛 (Niú) Ox β Cap
10 女 (Nǚ) Girl ε Aqr
11 虛 (Xū) Emptiness β Aqr
12 危 (Wēi) Rooftop α Aqr
13 室 (Shì) Encampment α Peg
14 壁 (Bì) Wall γ Peg


In auncient Cheenae, the tortoise an the snake wur thocht tae be spiritual creaturs seembolisin longevity. Durin the Han Dynasty, fowk aften wore jade pendants that wur in the shape o tortoises. Acause o auncient Cheenese influence on Japan, honorific titles an badges in Japan aften referred tae the tortoise or images o tortoises.

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