(Reguidit frae Bern (ferm biggin))

Steading (alsae cryed steadin, stedding, steeding an stidden) is the name gien tae biggins on a ferm uised in sindry weys, gif for beast, vehicles, machinery, craps, or a fermhouse.[1] Historically a steading wis kent as a fermtoun.[2][3]

Teep o Biggin UiseEedit

Steadings tak sindry form—aither a wheen o separate biggins, yin biggin divied tae different uises (aften set on a close in Scotland)[citation needit], or a mix o baith.


A bern is a biggin uised tae stowe hings an as a kivered wirkplace. Aften tae fordel bales o straw, machinery or vehicles gin no in uise.[4]


A stable is a biggin whaur fermstockin, maistly horses, ar reared.[5]


A byre is a biggin whaur kye an ither beast ar reared.[6] Aften wi staws uised tae feed or shed beast.[7]


A granzie (granary in Inglis) is a biggin uised tae fordel craps (baurley, aits, corn and siclik).[8]

(in Inglis) ParlourEedit

A parlour biggin haes specific machinery for milking beast, maist commonly kye, but alsae sheep an gaits.[citation needit]


The name gien tae a hoose that is pairt o a steading itsel.[9]

Gallery o Exemple BigginsEedit