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Bede (/ˈbd/ BEED; Auld Inglis: Bǣda or Bēda; 672/673 – 26 May 735), an aa referred tae as Saunt Bede or the Venerable Bede (Laitin: Bēda Venerābilis), wis an Inglis monk at the monastery o Saunt Peter at Monkwearmouth an its companion monastery, Saunt Paul's, in modren Jarrow (see Monkwearmouth-Jarrow), County Durham, baith o which war then in the Kinrick o Northumbrie.

Saint Bede the Venerable
The Venerable Bede translates John 1902.jpg
The Venerable Bede Translates John by J. D. Penrose (ca 1902)
Doctor o the Kirk, Monk, Historian
Born c. 673[1]
not recorded, possibly Monkton[1]
Dee'd 26 Mey 735
Jarrow, Northumbria[1]
Veneratit in Roman Catholic Kirk, Eastren Orthodox Kirk, Anglican Communion, Lutheran Kirk
Canonised 1899 recognised as Doctor o the Kirk, Roum by Pape Leo XIII
Major shrine Durham Cathedral.
Feast 25 Mey (Wastren Kirks)
27 Mey (Orthodox Kirk an General Roman Calendar, atween 1899 an 1969)
Patronage Inglis writers an historians; Jarrow


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