Bayer AG (/ˈbər/; German pronunciation: [ˈbaɪ̯ɐ]) is a German chemical an pharmaceutical company foondit in Barmen (the day a pairt o Wuppertal), Germany in 1863. It is heidquartered in Leverkusen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany an weel kent for its oreeginal brand o aspirin. Bayer mercatit heroin in 1895 an inventit aspirin in 1897. The company was 150 year auld on 1 August 2013.[1]

Bayer AG
Treddit asFWBBAYN
IndustriePharmaceuticals, chemicals
FoonditAugust 1 1863 [1]
FoonderFriedrich Bayer,
Johann Friedrich Weskott
HeidquartersLeverkusen, Germany
Key fowk
ProductsVeterinary drugs,
diagnostic imagin,
general an specialty medicines,
weemen's heal products,
ower-the-coonter drugs,
diabetes care, pesticides,
plant biotechnology,
polymers, coatins, adhesives
RevenueIncrease 43.545 billion (2019)[2]
Increase €4.189 billion (2019)[2]
ProfitIncrease €4.091 billion (2019)[2]
Tot assetsDecrease €126.258 billion (end 2019)[2]
Tot equityIncrease €47.517 billion (end 2019)[2]
Nummer o employees
103,824 (FTE, end 2019)[2]
SubsidiariesBayer MaterialScience, Bayer USA,
Bayer Schering Pharma,
Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals,
Bayer CropScience


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