Battle o Pinkie Cleugh

The Battle o Pinkie Cleugh, whiles kent as the Battle o Pinkie,[5] teuk place on 10 September 1547 on the banks o the River Esk near Musselburrae, Scotland.

Battle o Pinkie Cleugh
Pairt o the Anglo-Scots Wars
River Esk at Musselburrae
River Esk an Inveresk Kirk at Musselburrae
Date10 September 1547
LocationMusselburrae, Lowden, Scotland
Result Decisive Inglis veectory
Royal Arms of the Kingdom of Scotland.svg Kinrick o Scotland Royal Arms of England (1399-1603).svg Kinrick o Ingland
Commanders an leaders
Arms of Hamilton-Arran.svgYerl o Arran
Yerl o Angus
Arms of Seymour Family.svgDuke o Somerset
22,000–36,000[1] 16,800+[2]
30 warships
Casualties an losses
6,000–15,000 killed[3]
2,000 preesoners[3]
200–600 killed[4]


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Coordinates: 55°55′59″N 3°01′23″W / 55.933°N 3.023°W / 55.933; -3.023 (Battle of Pinkie)