Banner o Singapore

The naitional banner o Singapore wis first adoptit in 1959, the year Singapore became self-governin athin the Breetish Empire. It wis reconfirmed as the naitional banner when the Republic gained unthirldom on 9 August 1965. The design is a horizontal bicolour o reid abuin white, overlaid in the canton (upper-left quadrant) bi a white crescent muin facin a pentagon o five sma white five-pointit stars. The elements o the banner denote a yung naition on the ascendant, universal brotherhood an equality, an naitional ideals.

Flag of Singapore.svg

Vessels at sea dae no uise the naitional banner as an ensign. Merchant vessels an pleasure craft flee a civil ensign o reid chairged in white wi a variant o the crescent an stars emblem in the centre. Non-military govrenment vessels such as coast guard ships flee a state ensign o blue wi the naitional banner in the canton, chairged wi an aicht-pointit reid an white compass rose in the lawer flee. Naval warships flee a naval ensign seemilar tae the state ensign, but in white wi a reid compass rose emblem.

Rules defined bi the Singapore Arms an Banner an Naitional Anthem Act govren the uise an display o the naitional banner. These hae been relaxed tae allou ceetizens tae flee the banner frae vehicles durin naitional holidays an frae hames at ony time o the year.