The banner o Peru wis adoptit bi the govrenment o Peru in 1825. It is a vertical tribaund wi reid ooter baunds an a single white middle baund. Dependin on its uise, it mey be defaced wi different emblems, an haes different names. Banner day in Peru is celebrated on Juin 7, the anniversary o the Battle o Arica.

Flag of Peru.svg

Design an symbolismEedit

Coat o armsEedit

The Peruvian coat o airms includes the vicuña (a relative o the llama an alpaca), the quina (cinchona) tree, an a cornucopia o gowd.

Meanin o the colorsEedit

The colour reid signifies the bluid shed fawen while achievin Peruvian unthirldom. Exists the legend aboot flamingos flyin athort a white cloudit sky frae which the inspiration for the colours came. The story goes that inspiration for the banner came when Jose de San Martin landit in the soothren coastal toun o Paracas in 1820 tae launch the invasion o Peru an he saw a flock o flamingos tak flicht. Ithers said that the white represents peace an the reid is the bluid frae the fechters o thair freedom.