Banner o Liechtenstein

The banner o Liechtenstein (German: Flagge Liechtensteins) consists o twa equal horizontal baunds o blue (top) an reid wi a gowd ducal croun on the hoist side o the blue baund. The colours are likely tae hae been derived frae the livery colours o the Principality's ryal hoosehauld in the 18t century.

The reid an blue o Liechtenstein's banner date frae 1921. The croun wis addit in 1937, efter it wis discovered bi Liechtenstein's team at the 1936 Simmer Olympics that the banner then in uise wis identical tae the banner o Haiti. The design o the croun wis slichtly modified in 1982. The banner can be hung vertically or horizontally, but the croun aaways remains upricht.

Ither banners eedit

The banner on the border wi Austrick
Staundart o the Govrenment o Liechtenstein.
 Proportions: 3:5
Personal staundart o the Prince o Liechtenstein.
Proportions: 3:5
Banner o Liechtenstein frae 1719 till 1852.
Banner o Liechtenstein frae 1852 till 1921.
Banner o Liechtenstein frae 1921 till 1937.
 Proportions: 3:5
Personal staundart o the Prince o Liechtenstein frae 1957 till 1982.
Proportions: 2:3

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