Banner o Equatorial Guinea

The banner o Equatorial Guinea wis adoptit on August 21, 1979.

FIAV 111111.svg Banner ratio: 2:3

Features an seembolismEedit

The banner is a horizontal tricolor, wi green, white an reid stripes an a blue triangle at the hoist.

  • Green seembolizes the naitural resoorces an jungles o the kintra.
  • Blue seembolizes the sea, which connects the main kintra wi the islands.
  • White seembolizes peace.
  • Red seembolizes the fecht for independence.


The banner wis first flewn on the day o independence, October 12, 1968, an it showed the naitional emblem in the center. Housomeivver, in 1972, during the regime o Francisco Nguema, a different naitional emblem appeared on the banner.[1] The oreeginal coat o airms wis restored efter Nguema wis deposed in August 1979. The airms consists o a siller shield wi a silk-cotton tree, which wis derived frae the airms o Rio Muni. Abuin the shield is an arc o 6 sax-pointit yellae stars, that represent Rio Muni an the affshore islands. Beneath the shield is a siller scroll wi the naitional motto, Unidad, Paz, Justicia ("Unity, Peace, Justice").

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