Banner o Azawad

The banner o the State o Azawad, a unrecognised state that declared unthirldom fae Mali on 6 Aprile 2012, is a horizontal green-reid-black tricolour wi a yellae triangle at the hoist. It is the same as the banner o the Naitional Muivement for the Leeberation o Azawad.

MNLA flag.svg
Usenaitional banner
Adoptit6 Aprile 2012
DesignHorizontal green, reid, an black stripes wi a yellae triangle at hoist.


Durin previous Tuareg rebellions twa different banners war proposit for Azawad. Yin wis a blue an white horizontal bicolour wi a reid triangle at the hoist, an the ither wis a plain white banner wi a blue crescent an starn.[1]

Previously proposit banner o Azawad bi the Tuareg Leeberation Front
Previously proposit banner o Azawad (by James Minahan's wey o it: Nations Without States)[2]

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