Auld Kilpaitrick

(Reguidit frae Auld Kilpatrick)

Auld Kilpatrick (Scots Gaelic: Cill Phàdraig, meinin "Patrick's kirk") is a veilage in Wast Dunbartonshire, Scotland. It ligs oan the north bank o the River Clyde juist til the north o the Forth an Clyde Canal, thrie mile frae Clydebank oan the road ti Dumbairton. Til the Wast is Bowlin, til the North is the Kilpatrick Hills.[1]

Auld Kilpatrick an the Kilpatrick Hills frae the ither syd o the Forth an Clyde Canal

The veilage's Gaelic name cums frae a fowktale that Saunt Patrick wis born thar an Saunt Patrick's Wall is in the aurie. The "Auld" pairt o the name cums frae 1649, whan Kilpatrick parochine wis sindert in twa; New (Eister) Kilpatrick parochine kirk wis biggit in Bearsden an the kirk o Kilpatrick becam the "Auld" kirk.[2]

Roman fort


The wastren end o the Antonine Waw wis at Auld Kilpatrick (the eistren end, 59 km awa, wis at Brigness on the Firth o Forth). The waw itsel haed been dichtit but the gate wis scanced durin the 18t yeirhunder an follaed til the Chaipil Hill whaur sindrie Roman airtifaks war foond.[3]

Whan the Forth an Clyde Canal wis bein howkit in 1790 the wrak o a Roman bathhouss wis foond. In 1913 the larach o a fort wis foond anaw. Houaniver it wis no till 1923 that mukkil airkeologie wis unnertaen, whilk estaiblisht the girst an kynd o the fort. Biggit aboot 81 CE, it ocupee'd an aurie o aboot fower akers wi an ooter defensive waw. Biggins inower the waw included a praetorium (heidsteid), barraks an a grange.[4] Mukkil development stappit forder howkin, an nocht o the wraks can be seen the-day. Thay lig anaith the houses o Gavinburn Gairdins til the eist, a mukkil commercial biggin til the wast an the A814 road til the north.


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Coordinates: 55°55′30″N 4°27′32″W / 55.925°N 4.459°W / 55.925; -4.459