auldest an maist elementary branch o mathematics

Arithmetic or arithmetics (frae the Greek wird ἀριθμός, arithmos "nummer") is the auldest[1] an maist elementary branch o mathematics, uised very popularly, for tasks rangin frae simple day-tae-day coontin tae advanced science an business calculations. It involves the study o quantity, especially as the result o operations that combine nummers. In common uisage, it refers tae the simpler properties when uisin the tradeetional operations o addeetion, subtraction, multiplication an diveesion wi smawer values o nummers. Professional mathematicians sometimes uise the term (heicher) arithmetic[2] when referrin tae mair advanced results relatit tae nummer theory, but this should nae be confused wi elementary arithmetic.

Arithmetic tables for childer, Lausanne, 1835


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