Arise is the fowert album bi the Brazilian hivy metal baund, Sepultura. Upon its release, the album receivit top reviews frae hivy metal magazines such as Rock Hard, Kerrang! an Metal Forces.[1] Arise is considered Sepultura's finest oor amang langtime fans.[2]

Studio album by Sepultura
Released20 Mairch 1991
Recordit1990–1991 at Morrisound Recording
in Tampa, Florida, Unitit States
GenreThrash metal, daith metal
ProducerSepultura, Scott Burns
Sepultura chronology
Beneath the Remains
Third World Posse
Singles frae Arise
  1. "Arise"
    Released: 1991
  2. "Dead Embryonic Cells"
    Released: 1991
  3. "Under Siege (Regnum Irae)"
    Released: 1991

While the muisic on Arise wis maistly in the same daith/thrash style as their previous album, Beneath the Remains, it wis clear that the Sepultura soond wis acquirin an experimental edge.[3] The album presentit their first incursions wi industrial muisic, hardcore punk an laitin percussion.[4][5]

The tour (1990–1992) that supportit the album wis the group's langest at that time, totallin 220 shows in 39 different kintras.[5] Durin this trek, the album went gowd in Indonesie—the baund's first muisic industry certification.[6] Bi the tour's end, Arise hae achievit platinum sales warldwide.[7]



In August 1990, the band travelled to Florida, to work on the album. Scott Burns reprised his role as producer and engineer, and now with a major advantage: Sepultura were at his home base, Morrisound, a studio properly equipped to record their music style. Their label Roadrunner granted a $40,000 budget, which helped explain the album's improved production values. That allowed Igor and Burns, for example, to spend a whole week just testing the drum kit's tunings and experimenting with microphone practice.[8]

Muisical style


Although lead guitarist Andreas Kisser statit that Arise "teuk a lot o the same direction" as their previous LP, Beneath the Remains, it wis clear that their muisic haed somehou chyngit.[3] Sepultura's uisual breakneck pace became toned doun a bit;[4] drummer Igor Cavalera stairtit uisin groove-laden rhythms; an the Max Cavalera/Kisser guitar duo experimentit wi altered tunins. Accordin tae metal specialist Don Kaye, the album "representit the baund takin their initial daith/thrash soond tae its logical conclusion."[3]

Arise an aw foond the baund openin up tae non-metal influences.[4] Baunds such as Einstürzende Neubauten, The Young Gods an Ministry wur awready pairt o Sepultura's listenin habits, an slicht touches o industrial muisic can be tracit through the uise o samples an soond effects.[5] A trademark o a later phase—Laitin percussion an "tribal" drummin—made its first appearance on the sang "Altered State". The baund's auld love for hardcore punk is evident on "Subtraction" an "Desperate Cry".[9]


1."Arise" (Max Cavalera, Sepultura)3:18
2."Dead Embryonic Cells" (Cavalera, Sepultura)4:52
3."Desperate Cry" (Andreas Kisser, Sepultura)6:40
4."Murder" (Cavalera, Sepultura)3:26
5."Subtraction" (Kisser, Sepultura)4:46
6."Altered State" (Kisser, Sepultura)6:34
7."Under Siege (Regnum Irae)" (Cavalera, Sepultura)4:53
8."Meaningless Movements" (Kisser, Sepultura)4:40
9."Infected Voice" (Kisser, Sepultura)3:18
10."Orgasmatron" (Michael Burston, Phil Campbell, Peter Gill, Lemmy)4:15
11."Intro" (Sepultura)1:32
12."C.I.U. (Criminals in Uniform)" (Katherine Ludwig Moses, Sepultura)4:17
13."Desperate Cry (Scott Burns Mix)" (Sepultura)6:43

Track 10 wis baith a bonus track for the Brazilian release an a b-side o the "Dead Embryonic Cells" single. Tracks 11–13 are anerlie available on the 1997 remastered re-release.

Chairt performance


Album - Billboard (North Americae)

Year Chairt Position
1991 The Billboard 200 119[10]




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