Aracataca (colloquially whiles referred tae as "Cataca") is a municipality locatit in the Depairtment o Magdalena, in Colombie's Caribbean Region. Aracataca is a river toun foondit in 1885. The toun staunds beside the river o the same name, the Aracataca river that flows frae the nearbi Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta muntain range intae the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta. Aracataca is locatit some 80 km sooth o the depairtment caipital Santa Marta.

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Location o the toun an municipality o Aracataca in the Depairtment o Magdalena.
Location o the toun an municipality o Aracataca in the Depairtment o Magdalena.
 • Total1755 km2 (678 sq mi)
 • Total51,975
Time zoneUTC-5
Garcia Marquez Museum Hoose

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The municipality borders tae the north wi the municipalities o Zona Bananera, Santa Marta an Cienaga, tae the east wi the Depairtment o Cesar, tae the sooth wi the municipality o Fundación, an tae the wast wi the municipalities o El Retén an Pueblo Viejo.


Aracataca's climate is tropical: wairm an humid year-roond.



Aracataca wis foondit in 1885. It achievit the status o municipality on the 28 Apryle 1915, when it separated frae the municipality o Pueblo Viejo. In the late 19t century, companies that wad later merge intae the United Fruit Company colonisit the land an stairtit tae cultivate bananaes in the wide region. Bi wirkin closely wi the govrenment an terrorizin thair wirkers, the term bananae republic haes come intae popular uise. Efter some decades, the dounfaw o the company initiatit an completit suin efter, pairtly acause o the warldwide recession an the war suin efter. Iver syne then, the toun wis hidden ahint a curtain o violence an forgetfulness till it wis rediscovered bi local airtists an foreign investors.

On 25 Juin 2006, a referendum tae rename the toun "Aracataca-Macondo" failed due tae a law turnoot.[2][3]

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Administrative divisions



  • Buenos Aires
  • Cauca
  • Sampues
  • La Fuente.

Aracataca contains 13 veredas:

  • Tehobromina
  • El Torito
  • Macaraquilla
  • La escondida
  • Bocatoma
  • La Ribiera
  • La Fuente
  • Cerro Azul
  • El Volante
  • El porvenir
  • Marimonda

Aracataca haes 3 caseríos:

  • Serankua
  • Yechikin
  • Dwanawimaku



The toun o Aracataca haes 33 Barrios: La Esperanza, La esmeralda, Zacapita, 2 de febrero, 20 de Julio, Ayacucho, Nariño, Loma Fresca, 7 de Agosto, El Carmen, Cataquita, Macondo, El Suiche, El Pradito, 11 de Noviembre, 7 de Abril, Ciudadela macondo, San José, Base, Marujita, Las delicias, Centro, Boston, El Porvenir, 1 de Mayo, Galán, San Martín, Bello Horizonte, Raíces, Macondo, Villa del Río I y II.


Ile palm plantations in the municipality o Aracataca.

Aracataca relies hivily on agricultur, mainly producin ile palm, rice, cotton, succar cane, common bean, plantain, bananaes, yuca, tomato an on fermstockin raisin lik cattle, equines, mules, donkeys, domesticatit birds, goats an pigs. Commerce represents anither form o income an is maistly done informally, especially alang the main heich-gate tae Santa Marta whaur lairge lines o staunds sellin beach touels are placit.



Thare are several companies that affer inter-municipal an inter-depairtmental transportation on middlin-size buses, minivans an taxi cabs. Maist tourists an locals uise Berlinas del Fonce which haes busses leavin the Santa Marta terminal ivery 30 minutes atween 5am an 6pm. $9.000 p.p. Frae the transportation office in Aracataca you can get amaist iverywhaur uisin a ciclotaxi for juist $1.000 p.p. The rivers are no navigable an thare are a few smaw rudimentar airfields uised bi smaw aircraft for agricultural fumigation. The municipality an toun are crossed bi the Heich-gate 45 that extends frae Santa Marta, crosses Aracataca, Fundación, El Copey, Bosconia, Curumani intae the Cesar Depairtment an turns sooth towards the Colombie Andean Region. The railwey nae langer wirks for public transportation, it is uised amaist exclusively tae transport coal frae the region o La Loma Calentura in the Cesar Depairtment tae the Port o Santa Marta.

Garcia Marquez Waw





Aracatacans celebrate the Roman Catholic tradeetion o Three Keengs on 6 Januar o ivery year, Carnivals an the holy week atween Februar an Mairch, a cultural week, The Festival o the Uneditit Sang (Festival de la Canción Inédita), The municipality's anniversary in Apryle an the River Festival (Festival del Río). The Fiestas Patronales which conseest o lairge ootdoor concerts an semi bullfechts this year is bein held frae the 15t o Julie till the 24t.

The hoose o the Telegrafist



Tourism in Aracataca is growin, but still at a law level. The maist famous attraction is the hoose in which Gabriel García Márquez grew up, nou the Casa Museo (Museum Hoose). Anither museum, the Casa del Telegrafista, is popular an aw. In addeetion, the recently renovatit train station will serve as an exhibition haw for photographs bi Leo Matiz, a native o Aracataca. Tim Buendia opened the first hostel in toun in 2010.

Billbuird o Gabriel García Márquez in Aracataca. The billboard reads; "A feel A am a American frae ivery kintra, athoot niver renooncin tae the nostalgia for ma laund, tae which A returned ane day an discovered that atween the reality an nostalgia wis the Feedstock for ma wirk".--Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • The toun is the birthplace o Nobel Prize Winnin author Gabriel García Márquez an is widely recognisit as the model for the meethical "Macondo", the central veelage in García Márquez's maisterpiece, Ane Hunder Years o Solitude. The day his bairnheid home, nou the Casa Museo, an the kirk whaur he wis baptisit are baith major tourist attractions.[4]
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Freemit airtins

African palmtree forest, frae which palm ile is bein wan

Coordinates: 10°35′37.30″N 74°11′34.11″W / 10.5936944°N 74.1928083°W / 10.5936944; -74.1928083