Anne Brontë (/ˈbrɒnti/;[2][3] 17 Januar 1820 – 28 Mey 1849) wis a Breetish novelist an poet, the youngest member o the Brontë leeterary faimily.

Anne Brontë
A sketch o Brontë made bi her sister,
Charlotte Brontë, circa 1834
Born17 Januar 1820(1820-01-17)
West Riding of Yorkshire,
Dee'd28 Mey 1849(1849-05-28) (aged 29)
North Riding of Yorkshire,
Restin placeSt. Mary's Churchyard,
Scarborough, North Yorkshire,
Pen nameActon Bell
ThriftPoetess, novelist, governess
GenreFeection, poetry
Leeterar muivementRealism
Notable warksThe Tenant o Wildfell Haw
RelativesBrontë family

The dauchter o a puir Erse clergyman in the Kirk o Ingland, Anne Brontë lived maist o her life wi her faimily at the parish o Haworth on the Yorkshire muirs. For a couple o years she went tae a boardin schuil. At the age o 19 she left Haworth an wirked as a govreness atween 1839 an 1845. Efter leavin her teachin poseetion, she fulfilled her leeterar ambitions. She wrote a volume o poetry wi her sisters (Poems bi Currer, Ellis, an Acton Bell, 1846) an twa novels. Agnes Grey, based upon her experiences as a govreness, wis published in 1847. Her seicont an last novel, The Tenant o Wildfell Haw, which is considered tae be ane o the first sustained feminist novels, appeared in 1848. Anne's life wis cut short when she died o pulmonary tuberculosis at the age o 29.

Mainly acause the re-publication o The Tenant o Wildfell Haw wis preventit bi Charlotte Brontë efter Anne's daith, she is less kent than her sisters Charlotte, author o fower novels includin Jane Eyre, an Emily, author o Wutherin Hichts.[4] Houiver her novels, lik thae o her sisters, hae acome classics o Inglis leeteratur.


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