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Andaman an Nicobar Islands

The Andaman an Nicobar Islands /ˈændəmən/ & /ˈnɪkəbɑːr/ (Aboot this soondlocal ) are a group o islands at the juncture o the Bay o Bengal an Andaman Sea, an are a Union Territory o Indie.

Andaman an Nicobar Isles
আন্দামান ও নিকোবর দ্বীপপুঞ্জ  (Bengali)
Union Territory o Indie
Skyline of Andaman an Nicobar Isles
Offeecial seal o Andaman an Nicobar Isles
Location o Andaman an Nicobar Islands
Location o Andaman an Nicobar Islands
Coordinates (Port Blair): 11°41′N 92°46′E / 11.68°N 92.77°E / 11.68; 92.77Coordinates: 11°41′N 92°46′E / 11.68°N 92.77°E / 11.68; 92.77
Kintra  India
Established 1956-11-01
Caipital an lairgest ceety Port Blair
Destricts 3
 • Total 8,073 km2 (3,117 sq mi)
Population (2012)[2]
 • Tot 380,500
 • Density 47/km2 (120/sq mi)
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)
ISO 3166 code IN-AN
HDI Increase0.778 (Heich)


Major spoken leids:



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