Amanita pantherina var. pantherina

(Reguidit frae Amanita pantherina)

European Panther
Amanita pantherina 2013 G1.jpg
Scientific classification
Kinrick: Fungi
Diveesion: Basidiomycota
Cless: Agaricomycetes
Subcless: Hymenomycetes
Order: Agaricales
Faimily: Amanitaceae
Genus: Amanita
Species: A. pantherina var. pantherina
Binomial name
Amanita pantherina var. pantherina

Amanita pantherina var. pantherina, kent as the panther cap an false blusher an aw due tae its seemilarity tae the true blusher (Amanita rubescens), is a species o fungus foond in Europe an Wastren Asie.