Amancio Ortega Gaona

Amancio Ortega Gaona (Spaingie pronunciation: [aˈmanθio oɾˈteɣa gaˈona]; born 28 Mairch 1936) is a Spaingie fashion executive an foondin chairman o the Inditex fashion group, baist kent for its chain o Zara clothin an accessories retail shops. In early 2013, he wis rankit as the third richest person in the warld bi Forbes [2] wi a net worth o USD $57 billion. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index Archived 2012-12-14 at the Wayback Machine on Mairch 22, 2013 leetit Amancio Ortega Gaona as the warld's fowert richest person wi reportit combined assets o USD $54.3 billion.[3] He resides wi his seicont wife in an apaortment biggin in Galicia, Spain.

Amancio Ortega
BornAmancio Ortega Gaona
(1936-03-28) 28 Mairch 1936 (age 85)
Busdongo de Arbás, León, Spain
ResidenceA Coruña, Spain
Kent forCo-foonder o the Inditex group
Warld's #3 wealthiest person (2013)
Net worthUS$69.4 billion (Juin 2020)[1]
Board member of
Inditex (CEO)
Childer3 (includin Sandra Ortega Mera)
SignaturAmancio Ortega Gaona signature.png


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