Alfred Adler

Alfred W. Adler[1] (German: [ˈaːdlɐ]; Februar 7, 1870 – Mey 28, 1937) wis an Austrick medical doctor, psychotherapist, an foonder o the schuil o individual psychology.[2]

Alfred Adler
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Alfred Adler
BornAlfred Adler
7 Februar 1870(1870-02-07)
Rudolfsheim near Vienna, Austrick-Hungary (nou Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, Vienna, Austrick)
Died28 Mey 1937(1937-05-28) (aged 67)
Aiberdeen, Scotland
Alma materVarsity o Vienna
Kent forIndividual psychology
Hauf-marrae(s)Raissa Epstein
ChilderAlexandra Adler, Kurt Adler, Valentine Adler, Cornelia Adler
Scientific career
FieldsPsychotherapist, psychiatrist
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