Alfie Evans case

The Alfie Evans case is a case in 2018 involvin Alfie Evans, an infant boy frae Liverpool sufferin frae an undiagnosed neurodegenerative disorder.[1] The case became controversial acause the medical team an parents disagreed aboot treatment in the best interests o the bairn. Alder Hey Childer’s NHS Foundation Trust (Liverpool) sought a declaration that continued ventilatory support wis nae in Alfie Evans' best interests. Alfie's parents, Thomas Evans an Kate James resisted the application.

Alfie Evans
Born9 Mey 2016(2016-05-09)
Liverpuil, Ingland
Died28 Apryle 2018(2018-04-28) (aged 1)
  • Breetish, Italian
  • Thomas Evans
  • Kate James

A High Court judgment o 20 Februar 2018 stated that an MRI scan taken in Februar 2018 revealed that "[Alfie's] brain [was] entirely beyond recovery" an that "the brain was now only able tae generate seizure" wi "progressive destruction of the white matter of the brain which Dr R interpreted as now appearing almost identical tae water and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)".[2] Follaein the conclusion o a court case Royal Courts o Juistice in Lunnon, Mr Juistice Hayden concluded that "I am satisfied that continued ventilatory support is no longer in Alfie’s best interest".

In his High Court judgment o 11 Apryle 2018, Mr Juistice Hayden remarked that "by the end of February the connective pathways within the white matter of the brain which facilitate rudimentary sensation – hearing, touch, taste and sight, had been obliterated. They were no longer even identifiable on the MRI scan".

The ventilatory support wis removed on 23 Apryle 2018 follaein a series o unsuccessful appeals frae the faimily o Alfie Evans.

The case haed been commented on bi Pope Francis[3][4] an the Preses o Poland Andrzej Duda.[5]


In November 2016, at sax months o age, Alfie Evans wis reviewed at the general paediatric outpatient clinic in Alder Hey Hospital, he wis foond tae be functioning in a range appropriate tae a sax week – 2 month auld infant.

On 14 December 2016, Evans wis admitted tae Alder Hey Accident an Emergency Department wi a history o coughing, heich temperature an a reportit episode o rhythmic jerking o aw fower limbs an his jaw. On 15 December, he shawn suddent unprovoked movements compatible wi infantile/epileptic spasms. An EEG performed on the 16t December 2016 confirmed hypsarrhythmia. A further EEG wis taken in Januar 2017 an wis "was markedly different, showing attenuation with little in the way of reactive response for protracted periods of time. Changes only really occurred when Alfie had an epileptic seizure."

Evans' parents wanted tae remove him frae Alder Hey an seek further treatment at the Bambino Gesù Hospital in Roum. In September 2017, Italian doctors frae Bambino Gesù Hospital produced an assessment report on the possibility o transferring Alfie tae Italy. Thair report contained "due tae stimulations related tae the transportation and flight; those seizures might induce further damage tae brain, being the whole procedure of transportation at risk."

On 19 December 2017, a heich court case began.[6]

On 20 Februar 2018, judge rules in favour o Alder Hey Childer's NHS Foundation Trust.

On 6 Mairch, the Court o Appeals upholds the decision.

On 20 Mairch, the Supreme Court o the United Kinrick refuses the right for anither appeal.[6]

On 28 Mairch, the European Court o Human Rights finds no violation o human rights.

On 16 Apryle, Evans' faither said that Alfie Evans wis wrongly "detained" at Alder Hey. Anthony Hayden High Court Judge dismissed that complaint an appeal judges upheld his decision.

On 17 Apryle Mr Evans an Ms James asked the Supreme Court tae consider thair case again.[6]

On 20 Apryle, the Supreme Court refused permission for an appeal be heard.

The European Court o Human Rights determined an appeal tae be inadmissable. The decision resulted in a protest o at least 200 fowk takkin place ootside o Alder Hey hospital.

On 23 Apryle, Evans wis granted Italian citizenship unner the request o Fratelli D'Italia's leader Giorgia Meloni. The Italian Ministry o Foreign Affairs said it hopes Alfie will be allowed "immediate transfer tae Italy". The same day, it wis reportit that the life support for Evans wis withdrawn.

Accordin tae media reports, Evans' faither stated the next morning that Evans haed been breathing unassisted syne shortly efter life-support haed been withdrawn, an that life-support should be reinstated.[7]

The evening o the same day, High Court judge Juistice Hayden rejected the parents' appeal for permission tae flee thair son tae a hospital in Italy. Accordin tae the Liverpool Echo, Evans' faither told reporters later that evening that the court haed said it coud set aside three judges that evening tae hear his case again.[8]


Alfie Evans died on 28 Apryle 2018.[9]


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