Alcest is a French muisical project frae Bagnols-sur-Cèze, Fraunce, foondit an lead bi Neige (Stéphane Paut).[3] It began in 2000 as a black metal solo project bi Neige, suin a trio, but follaein the release o their first demo in 2001, baund members Aegnor an Argoth left the baund, leavin Neige as the sole member.

Neige (Stéphane Paut) performin in a Alcest show in 2011.
Background information
OreiginBagnols-sur-Cèze, Fraunce
Black metal (early)[2]
Years active2000–present
LabelsDrakkar Productions
Northern Silence Productions
Prophecy Productions
Associate actsPeste Noire (2001-2005)
Phest (2003-2004)
Mortifera (2004-2006)
Amesoeurs (2004-2009)
Les Discrets (2009-present)
MembersNeige (2000-)
Winterhalter (2009-)
Past membersAegnor (2000-2001)
Argoth (2000-2001)

This marked a chynge in style, as Alcest's subsequent releases hae mair aften been describit as shoegazing mixin numerous rock an metal influences, includin black metal an post-metal. In 2009 Winterhalter frae Les Discrets joined Alcest as drummer, efter aicht years wi Neige as the sole full time member.


As a child, Neige haed experiences[4] o being in contact wi a "far aff kintra", which he generically refers tae as "Fairy Land". Alcest serves as the muisical adaptation o the memories frae this "itherwarld".[5][6] Neige intends for Alcest tae be a journey for the listener tae this warld through his memories. This chynge in concept was first introduced on Le Secret. Souvenirs d'un autre monde will serve as a literal summation o the concept ahint the baund.[7]

Baund membersEedit

Current membersEedit

Live membersEedit

Past membersEedit

  • Aegnor - lead guitar (2000-2001)
  • Argoth - bass (2000-2001)
  • Fursy Teyssier - bass (live member)


Studio albumsEedit


Split releasesEedit



  • ”Autre Temps” (2011)
  • ”Opale” (2013)
  • ”Protection” (2019)
  • ”Sapphire” (2019)

Music videosEedit

  • "Autre Temps" (2011)
  • "Les Voyages de l'Âme" (2012)
  • "Opale" (2013)
  • "Protection" (2019)
  • "Sapphire" (2019)

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