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Al-Qassim Province Arabic: منطقة القصيمAl Qaṣīm [ælqɑˈsˤiːm]), an aw spellt Al-Qaseem, Al-Qasim, or Qassim, is ane o the thirteen admeenistrative provinces o Saudi Arabie. Locatit at the hert o the kintra, an amaist in the centre o the Arabie Peninsulae. It haes a population o 1,016,756 an an aurie o 65,000 km². It is kent tae be the "alimental basket" o the kintra, for its agricultural asset.

Map o Saudi Arabie wi Al-Qassim heichlichtit
Map o Saudi Arabie wi Al-Qassim heichlichtit
Caipital Buraidah
 • Govrenor Prince Faisal bin Bandar
 • Total 65,000 km2 (25,000 sq mi)
Population (2004)
 • Tot 1,016,756
 • Density 15.64/km2 (40.5/sq mi)
ISO 3166-2 05

It is the seivent maist populatit province in the kintra efter the province o Jizan. It haes mair nor 400 ceeties, touns, veelages, an Bedouin settlements, Ten o which are recognised as govrenorates. Its caipital ceety is Buraydah, which is inhabitit bi approximately 49% o the region's tot population. The govrenor o the province is prince Faisal Bin Bandar Al Saud.


Al Qassim is derivit frae the wird "Qassimah" (Arabic: قصيمة‎), a reference tae قصائم الغضا, meanin the region's saund dunes frae which the white saxaul trees grow.[1]

The region is actually kent tae contain a lairge group o Calligonum plants sic comosum (or Arta atween locals).


The province is locatit in the centre o Saudi Arabie approximately 400 km northwast o Riyadh the caipital. It is bordered bi Ar Riyad Province tae the sooth an east, bi Ha'il Province tae the north, an bi Al Madinah Province tae the wast. The region is connectit tae amaist ivery pairt o Saudi Arabie bi a vera complicatit heichgates net. It haes a regional airport which an aw connects Al Qassim tae ither provinces o the kintra.


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