Agra destrict (Hindi: आगरा ज़िला, Urdu: آگرہ ضلع‎) is ane o the 75 destricts o Uttar Pradesh state o Indie, an the historical ceety o Agra is the destrict heidquairters. Agra destrict is a pairt o Agra diveesion.

Agra destrict

आगरा ज़िला
آگرہ ضلع
Location o Agra destrict in Uttar Pradesh
Location o Agra destrict in Uttar Pradesh
StateUttar Pradesh
Admeenistrative diveesionAgra
 • Lok Sabha constituenciesAgra, Fatehpur Sikri
 • Assembly seats9
 • Total4,027 km2 (1,555 sq mi)
 • Total4,380,793[1]
 • Leeteracy69.44%.[1]
Major heich-gatesNH 2
WebsiteOffeecial wabsteid

Geografie eedit

Agra destrict is boondit bi Mathura destrict on the north, Dholpur destrict o Rajasthan state on the sooth, Firozabad destrict on the east an Bharatpur destrict o Rajasthan state on the wast. Aurie o the destrict is 4027 km².

Diveesions eedit

Agra destrict comprises 6 tehsils. The tehsils are Etmadpur, Agra, Kiraoli, Kheragarh, Fatehabad and Bah. The heidquairters o the destrict is Agra ceety. The destrict consists o 15 blocks, namely Etmadpur, Khandauli, Shamshabad, Fatehabad, Jagner, Kheragarh, Saiyan, Achanera, Akola, Bichpuri, Fatehpur Sikri, Barauli Ahir, Bah, Pinahat an Jaitpur Kalan.[2]

The diveesion comprises 3 Lok Sabha constituencies namely Jalesar, Firozabad an Agra. Thare are 9 Vidhan Sabha constituencies in the destrict. They are Bah, Fatehabad, Etmadpur, Dayal Bagh, Agra Cantonment, Agra East, Agra West, Kheragarh an Fatehpur Sikri.

Demographics eedit

Accordin tae the 2011 census Agra destrict haes a population o 4,380,793,[1] roughly equal tae the naition of Moldovae[3] or the US state o Kentucky.[4] This gives it a rankin o 41st in Indie (oot o a total o 640).[1] The destrict haes a population density o 1,084 inhabitants per square kilometre (2,810/sq mi) .[1] Its population growthe rate ower the decade 2001-2011 wis 21%.[1] Agra haes a sex ratio o 859 females for ivery 1000 males,[1] an a leeteracy rate o 69.44%.[1]

Leids eedit

Leids spoken include Braj Bhasha, Braj Bhasha is mainly a landwart tongue currently, predominant in the nebulous Braj region centred aroond Mathura & Agra in Uttar Pradesh an Dholpur & Bharatpur in Rajasthan . It is the predominant leid in the central stretch o the Ganges-Yamuna Doab

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