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Adnan (Arabic: عدنان‎) is the tradeetional ancestor o the Adnanite Arabs o northren, central an wastren Arabie, as opposed tae the Qahtani o soothren an sooth eastren Arabie who descend frae Qahtan.


Adnan is the faither o the Canaanite Arabs who are the northren Adahoe tribes that occupeed Hijaz, Yamama regions as well as maist pairts o northren Arabie.

Descent frae Adnan tae MuhammadEedit

Accordin tae Islamic tradeetion, the Islamic prophet Muhammad wis descendit frae Adnan. Tradeetion records the genealogie frae Adnan tae Muhammad comprises 100 generations. "The follaein is the leet o chiefs who are said tae hae ruled the Jazeera an tae hae been the intraline ancestors o Muhammad."[1]

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