Adad in Akkadian an Ishkur in Sumerie an Hadad in Aramaic are the names o the storm-god in the Babylonie-Assirie pantheon. Aw three are uisually written bi the logogram dIM. The Akkadian god Adad is cognate in name an functions wi northwast Semitic god Hadad.

God o Weather, Hurricanes, Storms, Thunder an Rain
SymbolThunderbolt, Bull, Lion
Personal Information
ChilderGibil or Gerra
ParentsNanna or Sin an Ningal
SiblinsUtu, Inanna
Babylonian equivalentHadad

In Akkadian, Adad is kent as Ramman ("Thunderer") cognate wi Aramaic Rimmon which wis a byname o the Aramaic Hadad an aw. Ramman wis umwhile incorrectly taken bi mony scholars tae be an unthirlt Babylonie god later identifeed wi the Amorite god Hadad.


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