Absu (baund)

Absu is a black metal baund frae Plano, Texas, USA.[1] Thair demos an first album leaned towards daith metal, but evolvit mair towards a black metal an thrash metal which includes elements o celtic muisic an fowk muisic (an later, elements o jazz fusion, progressive rock an psychedelic muisic) which the baund cries "Mythological Occult Metal". Thair leerical themes are esoteric, includin themes o Celtic meeths an legends, Sumerian meeths an legends, cantrip, weaponry, an sorcery.

Performin live, Juin 2009
Background information
OreiginPlano, Texas, USA
GenresBlack metal
Thrash metal
Years active1990–present
Associate actsProscriptor, Equimanthorn, Starchaser
Network, Heaven's Devils, Melechesh
MembersProscriptor McGovern
Vis Crom
Past membersShaftiel
Equitant Ifernain
David Athron Mystica
Black Massith
Vastator Terrarum
Aethyris MacKay


The baund oreeginally formit as Dolmen in 1989, an efter briefly takkin the name Azathoth, thay became Absu in 1991.[1][2] The oreeginal members wur Equitant Ifernain (Guitars, Bass, Leerics) an Shaftiel (Guitars, Vocals).[1] Efter recordin twa demos an releasin an EP thay wur jynt bi Proscriptor McGovern (Russ R. Givens - Drums, Vocals, Leerics), David Athron Mystica (Guitars), an Black Massith (Keyboards, Synth, Sequencin). Efter releasin thair first album Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. in 1993, Absu narraeed thair line-up tae a three piece when David Athron Mystica an Black Massith left. For live performances, thay recruitit the help o Mezzadurus (frae the Philadelphia black thrash baund Bloodstorm) an recordit as a three piece wi Shaftiel an Proscriptor sharin vocal duties an Proscriptor takkin ower keybuird an synth duties as well. The baund stayed wi this line-up for some time. Wi thair seicont album, The Sun of Tiphareth (1995), the baund splorit Sumerian, Mesopotamie, an Celtic meethology.[2] The baund's third album, The Third Storm of Cythraul (1997), drew inspiration mainly frae Celtic meethology, an continued thair intellectual approach.[3] Ower the next fower years, Equitant an Proscriptor wirkit wi the ambient group Equimanthorn an Absu's sole release wis the EP In the Eyes of Ioldánach (1998).[2]

In 2001, Absu recruitit a new seicont guitarist, Kashshapxu. The baund released thair fift album that year, Tara, which continued the Celtic theme o Cythraul an Ioldánach, an featurt bagpipes on the title track.[4] The album is considered the baund's masterpiece,[2] an is describit bi McGovern as a concept album:

"The album is presentit in a chronicled assembly dividin it intae twa phases: 'Ioldánach's Pedagogy' an 'The Cythrául Klan's Scrutiny'. Certain goals an objectives wur feenally accomplished wi 'Tara', through exploration o oor ancestral attributes an channelin diveesions o pure magic athin oor minds an souls".[2]

This line-up wis short-livit as suin efter recordin Tara, Equitant left due tae muisical differences (housomeivver, he an Proscriptor still collaborate on ither projects tae this day). Shortly efter that, Proscriptor severely injured his haund in an accident, which required surgery tae repair his haund. Efter amaist a year o healin an therapy, he wis ready tae play again but Shaftiel nae langer haed ony interest in Absu an Kashshapxu haed left the baund due tae muisical differences an aw. Proscriptor then put Absu on hauld an decidit tae wirk on ither projects. Durin this period he auditioned for Slayer but Slayer eventually went wi thair oreeginal drummer Dave Lombardo. In 2005, Proscriptor an Equitant put thegither a collection o rare, live an unreleased Absu recordins an released it unner the title 'Mythological Occult Metal: 1991-2001' based on the suggestion o a fan.

Wi Absu still on hauld, Proscriptor continued tae wirk on ither projects includin Equimanthorn (wi Equitant an members o The Soil Bleeds Black, dark ambient muisic), Proscriptor (his awn project o neo-fowk/classic rock fused muisic), an Starchaser Network (wi Equitant an Victorious; electronic airt/rock baund). Additionally, he wis the drummer/vocalist for Melechesh for sax years (1999–2005; awtho still contributes leerics an vocals) an haes done session wirk wi Judas Iscariot, Thornspawn, an Magnus Thorsen. Proscriptor haes his awn record label an aw, Tarot Productions.

In Mey 2007, Prosciptor feenally annooncit the addition o Vastator Terrarum an Aethyris MacKay tae the baund. In early 2008, Absu annooncit thay haed signed wi Candlelight Records for thair futur recordins but will release a 7" EP throu Relapse Records. That EP wis "Speed N' Spikes", a limitit series featurin thair first new material in seiven years. In Mairch 2008, Vastator Terrarum haed left the baund but haed been replacit bi Zawicizuz (umwhile o the baunds Infernal Oak, Rape Pillage Burn, an Bleed The Son). In October 2008, the baund addit ex-Panzram member Ezezu on bass an vocals, efter completin the recordin o thair sel-titled album, released on 16 Februar (Europe) / 24 Februar (USA) 2009 on Candlelight Records.[5]

In September 2009, Zawicizuz left Absu an wis replacit bi Vis Crom o Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Woe and XXX Maniak. The baund then embarked on a European tour wi Pantheon I, Razor of Occam an Zoroaster.

In November 2010, Absu annooncit that thay wad be doin a sax-date U.S. tour wi Immortal in Februar 2011 as a three piece as Aethyris MacKay haes left tae jyne Pantheon I. Efter this tour, Absu entered the studio tae record thair next album, titled 'Abzu' (released in October 2011) an follae up wi a tour.



Studio ReleasesEedit

Additional ReleasesEedit

  • ...And Shineth Unto the Cold Cometh... [7" EP] (1995)
  • Gummo (Soundtrack) (Absu performs the sang "The Gold Torques Of Ulaid") (1998)
  • In The Visions Of Ioldánach [Video] (2000)
  • Originators of The Northern Darkness: A Tribute To Mayhem (Absu performs the sang "Deathcrush") (2001)
  • L'Attaque Du Tyran: Toulouse, Le 28 Avril 1997 [7" EP] (2007)
  • Split with Demonical [7" EP] (2007)
  • Speed N' Spikes #2 [Split 7" EP wi Rumpelstiltskin Grinder] (2008)


Current membersEedit

  • Proscriptor McGovern (Russley Randell Givens) - Drums & Percussion, Lead Vocals, Mellotron, Lyrics, Arrangements (1992-)
  • Ezezu (Paul Williamson) - Bass, Vocals (2008-)
  • Vis Crom (Matt Moore) - Guitars (2009-)

Umwhile MembersEedit

  • Aethyris McKay (Shandy Mckay) - Guitars, Synthesizers (2007–2010)
  • Zawicizuz (Geoffrey Sawicky) - Guitars, Keybouids an Backin Vocals (2007–2009)
  • Vastator Terrarum - Guitars an Backin Vocals (2007)
  • Shaftiel (Mike Kelly) - Guitars an Vocals (1991–2003)
  • Equitant Ifernain (Ray Heflin) - Guitars, Bass (1991–2002)
  • Kashshapxu (Rad Davis) - Guitars (2001–2003)
  • David Athron Mystica (Dave Ward) - Guitars (1992–1993)
  • Black Massith (Brian Artwick) - Keybuirds, Synth, Sequencin (1992–1993)
  • Mezzadurus (Chris Gamble) - Vocals, Bass (1995–2002; Live Session Member)
  • Gary Lindholm – Guitars (1991–1992)
  • Danny Benbow – Drums (1991–1992)


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